CopsRP.Com is dedicated to making a safe and fun environment for roleplay on GTAV with the community in mind,

We are predominantly an emergency services roleplay server and would like to have more police on duty than civilians as this will make for better roleplay for both the “cops” and civilians.

There is a small application process which can be found here but we are always looking for people interested in roleplay and would like to help work towards a better community for everyone, Thank You


The Server is currently public but can be whitelisted quickly and easily if needed, so if you’d like to ensure you are added to the whitelist make sure you apply at the on the apply now page leaving your steam id (either steam name or Profile id) so it can be added to the whitelist.

also check out or news page where i will be regularly adding updates about the server so that you can be aware of any changes or new features implemented

Want To Join?

If you want to join us in any capacity this is your chance just fill out the quick and easy application form and we will get back to you usually within 24 hours,

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Server Direct Connect:

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