BAMAZON take over old Post-OP HQ in Paleto

BAMAZON are making moves into los santos by aquiring the old post-ops hq on the corner of PALETO BOULEVARD AND PROCOPIO postal 1041
we can see from this promotional video weazel news has aquired that bamazon are sub contracting to owner drivers in the area and also creating jobs by offering van rental to new starters.

we can see from this video that the wokers at the depot come from very diverse backgrounds and work hard to make sure every parcel is delivered despite the cost to its drivers. Bamazon Offers home Delivery as quickly as next day in some istances and with BAMAZON RIBEYE you get next day shipping included in you $9,999.00 a Year Subscription charge. and a Token you can give to your favourite streamer… ( Look out for the Drivers In this Video in Order Of Most Important to least we have, Dave The Devil Diamond Dirt, Sir Lag Tiny Richard Jones, Blex Lepricorn handcock, Cole Rules Rules Rules Holand and lastly start of the show JIM OSCAR T’SIG, all doing there parts to make sure everyone gets there packages on time to there door step, garage or rear can find more information on Bamzon by checking out the latest news at or by connection to the server at, Bamazon’s tag line of we deliver smiles is certainly fealt here and i can’t wait to see jim delivering to my house. if he made it out of that alive.

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