CopsRP FiveM Public Server Controls

This is a quick guide on how to get started in the CopsRP public server on FiveM as of 03/15/2022, i have been working hard to reimagine the server as it was but with new features, so here we have it CopsRP 3.0

When you spawn in the server, you will be given a character creation screen to create your first character please try to make your first character look as realistic as possible,

CopsRP Controls

TabOpen Inventory
MCycle Proximity
TildeOpen Phone
BToggle Seat Belt
LEFT ALTOpen Target Menu
F1Radial Menu
IOpen Hud Menu
LEFT ALTTalk Over Radio
HomeOpen Scoreboard
LVehicle Locks
GToggle Engine
BPointer Emote
ZKeybind Slots
XHands Up Emote
1 – 6Use Item Slots
YCruise Control
*this is not a full list additions will be added

Luxart Vehicle Control – ELS Controls

OOpen Luxart Menu
Left/Right ArrowsLeft or Right Idicators
BackspaceHazard Lights
Q or YToggle Emergency Lights
EAir Horn
<,Toggle Siren
>.Manual Siren / Change Tone

PlayLolly Tesla Controls

the tesla controls are customisable via the gtav controls settings menu.

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