leo map update core mdw and dispatch

CopsRP 3.0 LEO/Map Update

Changes and Updates as of 25/05/2022

I know its only been 2 days since my last update but as you might imagine i’ve been working tirelessly to try and bring you nothing buy the best roleplay experience, that being said i have included some new exciting scripts to help not Only the Leo’s and Ems but all of you roleplayers.

💻 The main 2 scripts added are an improved MDT/MDW script and and a dispatch script both of which won’t only be utilised by the LEO’s but the dispatch script helps Leo’s to call for backup from EMS and Mechanics for medical and mechanical services, and the MDW although prodominently thought of as a tool for Only LEO’s but can also be viewed by cilvilians where they can see and edit there characters profile.

🏗 We have Also Included Some MLO/YMaps to the ingame world 3 New PD’s one of which is the main city police department, a further city sheriffs department and last but not least a small office for the highway patrol, Also added to the map is a Court house, another weed shop, and a massive hospital.

Some Small Scripts/Updates
📸 We have also added a mugshot system (yet to be tested)
🚮 You can now search through thrash (its what i’ve always dreamed of)
⛵ Added New Boat and Plane Garages to store puchased Boats/planes
📺 A system so you can superimpose a youtube video on any screen in game
💺 Deployable chairs
💊 More Stuff todo with drugs
🚨 Updated LuxArt Vehicle Control
🐸 and finally for the meme’s a vape pen (still need to make the inventory art,
and much, much more

if you like the sound of any of these features feel free to join either the Discord or the Game Server Links are Below:

If you would like to join us at copsrp you can find out more on our discord @ https://discord.gg/uu8MXcM
or join the server @ https://cfx.re/join/3yypzb

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