CopsRP 3.0 Welcome to Cayo Perico Update

Changes and Updates as of 23/05/2022

We’ve been working hard to bring more to CopsRP and Create a Clean but complex roleplay server with that being in mind i have combined 2 updates in one and added Teslas and a whole self driving system and also the Cayo Perico Island, this will be used as an open place for illicet activities to be taking place and i expect alot of illicet materials coming into the city from there,

We’ve added 3 shops to the island but i expect to expand on it soon with new things todo on the island and some all-terrain vehicles that are the exclusive mode of transport on the island,

The Boat at the fishing rental shop has been changed for a yacht and it now costs 10k to rent for the day but you can easily make that back by fishing.

A Car rental shop has been added in the city for new players and people short on funds, starting from as little as $250 so don’t expect alot for your money.

I’ve also Made Other Various bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

So as of 23/05/2022 we have these server features and more

EUP Clothing System for LEO’s/Medics
Character Creation and customisation System
Inventory system, Storage Boxes, Vehicle Glove boxes and Trunks,
Jobs System
including.. LEO’s, EMS, Gangs, Burger Shot, Trucker, Mechanic, Tow Truck Driver, Garbage Person, Bus and Taxi Drivers, Fruit Picker, Hotdog Seller and News Reporter, Car dealer, Realetor
Vehicle Shops/Dealers, Vehicle Keys are a physical item that you need to start and lock/unlock the car, you can also sell cars to other players at Larrys RV’s Or sell directly back to dealer at larrys, L to lock/unlock, G to Start Engine
Health/Hospital System Full food and water systems with foods and drinks accesible from shops.
Hobby – Boat Rental, Fishing System Earn money fishing and selling your catches to a posh restaurants for big $.
Full customisable housing system place items in your house and customise it to your liking
Public and personal Persistant Parking,
Tesla’s with an amazing UI system by Playlolly, Full Self Driving, Auto lane change, auto parking, Summon, Crash Detection and reversing camera,
Tesla Super chargers at Gas Stations so you can now super charge your Tesla from more places,
and Many illicit Job including a tamer Grow Weed at home,
and Much Much More

If you would like to join us at copsrp you can find out more on our discord @
or join the server @

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