FivePD Intergration into the CopsRP Public Server

As you maybe aware copsrp has been undergoing some big changes recently not least that right now anyone can join the server and become a cop no age limits not “rules” other than the abitary unwriten rules of roleplay and common sense.
With the intergration of FivePD into the CopsRP server, it is like having LSPDFR or even LSPDFR+ streamed to your computer, so if you enjoy LSPDFR, why not enjoy it with some friends on the CopsRP Public FiveM | FivePD Server.

as you can see from the menu on the F11 key you can, Go on duty, Keep Engine Running, but this will cause problems since we aldready have a keep running script on the server so do not use this, you can Toggle cruise Control with LCTRL and Once activated you can change your speed with Num+ and NUM-, Spawn Vehicles from the LSPD SAHP and LSCS Fleets, Load out, Currently consist of everything you might need including long gun, You can also teleport to any police station on the map marked with a badge, this can be turned off in the options menu as well as a few other featues, not to mention you being able to top up on armour.

with a full civillian MDT system you can, Check a Peds ID’s and Licenses, Reports, Callouts, Call For Backup off other players that are ON-Duty, Request Services such as A Tow Truck, Mechanic, Prisoner Transport, Ambulance, Coroner, Fire Department, Animal Control, Or an Air Ambulance for them more serious injuries, Whatever service you might need to get your job done we have, you can also issue sitaions and change settings such as your FivePD Key Bindings and Your Player Profile.

once you have your character setup and you kow the system you are ready to go out on patrol you will get periodic Callouts from the dispatcher, you can accept these callouts by pressing Y, You can also activate your ALPR system and check cars for violations by Pressing F9, one you find a car you want to pull over you, you can initaiate a traffic stop by pressing LSHIFT if the driver flees you will have to stop them you can stop a fleeing ped by either aiming at them and holding E or just holding E, i suppose you could always shout them but that involves a report.

you can interact with the ped by pressing X if you decide you have enough evidence you can decide to uncuff and dismiss the ped, have prisoner transport pick them up or transport them yourself, if you decide you want to transport them you can drag them to your vehicle with the ped interact menu one near undrag and press E it will then bring up a menu asking where you would like to put the ped, once seated and you get in the car if you press X your Sat nav will direct you to the nearest Jail, where you can drive into the blue circle and someone will come right out to pick them up.

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