This is a blog i am going to try and keep regarily to try and keep the community informed of any server updates or general updates to the plugins that we use on our server ( FivePD, EUP, Mumble Voip, RP-Radio, VMenu and More).

And any Custom Scripts that I Develop anytime i make major changes to the server i will post one of these update blogs “COPSRP – FIVEPD UPDATE BLOG” and the date here: Server News.

The F1 Menu Has Been Replaced With The VMenu, I’ve already gone though and made alot of edits to the premissions so not to restrict the player but allow them any sort of reasonable roleplay they can imagine and allow them access to all the systems that they might need to achieve that.

Character Customisation

As you can see from the image below the Multiplayer ped customisation system is alot more indepth and allows for so much more player customisation with the intergration of EUP and the ability to save multiple MP Ped player Models Players Have A Much Bigger Toolbox of at their disposal.

the new CopsRP player customisation menu within the VMenu Trainer

EUP Menu Intergration

Not only can you completely customise your player with the newly implemented VMenu You can Also Access The EUP Menu From Typing the command /eup into the chat box, all controls and key bindings can be found here: Controls

With choice of department you including LSPD and BCSO and more you can use the eup menu to roleplay a wide range of character roles from a cop to a construction worker to a mechanic.

The uniforms as shown are from left to right, LSPD with Vest, Medic, Construction Worker, Sheriff Rain Coat, Mechanic and lastly… Coroner, all these uniforms where changed with a quick press of a button no need to rearrange your multiplayer ped model just choose a uniform in the list hit enter don’t like it choose another.

With the new eup menu you can roleplay anything from a cop to a construction worker to a mechanic quickly and easily using 1 command

Mumble Voip And RP-Radio

The New Voice over IP system we are using is the mumble voice servers that are integrated into fivem servers but you need to be a fivem patreon supporter to get access to it as of writing this, it is distance based and as far as i have tested one of the best Voip systems available for fivem at this time, there is also an intergrated Radio system that can be used whilst in your car and on fun and allows for a officers to communicate with each other over vast distances without the need for connecting to or running another other additional client side software.

You can activate the radio by pressiong Left Shift + N and you will pull out the Radio all you then have to do is hit enter to choose your frequency once you have chose it press E to activate it and press the Left Shift + N to put your radio away again, you can still use it whilst in your pocket but you will touch you shoulder to signify you are using a radio if you do not have it in your hands.

You press CapsLock to activate the Push to talk and your callsign is displayed in the top right corner of the screen highlighted orange when you are talking and with an orange square next to it at the bottom tight corner is your hearing/talking range its activity and the name of the radio channel you are connected to if it is a named channel.

with the integration of rp radio into the mumble voip system cops and roleplayers can now comunicate across the mad with no other client downloads or programs

I Have Been Working Diligently to try and make the server what it is right now and will continue to work hard to make sure the server runs properly and the scripts stay updated, working and relevent, there has been alot more done that i do not have time to go into in the Update but as soon as i make some more significant changes and make another update blog and try to make sure i go over anything i have missed.

You can Join the FivePD Roleplay community server at or search copsrp in the fivem server list you can also connect at ip: More FiveM, FivePD, EUP and Server News Coming Very Soon…..

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