copsrp forum updates

Copsrp Forum Updates

Lately a lot of work has gone into the CopsRP forum updates, which can be found at

Why A Forum

Available on the desktop and mobile, we would like this to be a place for suggestions, help, general discussion and more. we will still be using discord as a means of communication with the community which is also currently under a redesign and restructure. Most new announcements will first be posted onto the forums.

What can I do on the Forums

There will be a place for text roleplay as with the discord channel, but it should be easier to find help and get answers to questions. I am also always open to suggestion from the community so if you have anything to suggest then you can simply make a post here,

Whats next

As with all new things there may be further development and features added in the near future. Currently it is possible to add your own avatar add your steam account to your profile and there is a rank structure based on how many posts you make. As you may already be aware CopsRP is under constant development and we are working hard to improve the roleplay experience everyday.

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