Post Titime Revamp

CopsRP Public Server RE-Launch

Cops Rp has Been around now for over 3 Years now and its about time for a revamp so we are going back to more of a relaxed approuch using a simple npc and vehicle menu and a combination of chat commands and button binds.

Things implented

  1. Customized Server Based Trainer
  2. Allowing Spawning of Selected Npc’s, Vehicles and weapons
  3. Custom LEO Vehicles, Sheriff, Police, Highway Patrol
  4. Chat Commands /OOC and more
  5. Custom Weapon Skins
  6. Arrest Animations
  7. Hud For Vehicles,
  8. Vehicle Fuel and Filling Stations,
  9. Street Names And Direction of Travel Displayed on Screen
  10. Speed limits on road displayed on screen
  11. Player RP Toolbox allowing animations, Vehicle saving, Locking and more
  12. Engines Stay Running when you leave vehicle unless tuned off in toolbox
  13. The ability to point with the b button
  14. Wheel positions can be locked for cool parking
  15. Custom Stun Gun mod get stunned and find out
  16. A Radar Script can’t remember the key bind or command though (will check)
  17. Most importantly My Weazel News Camera Script use /cam to spawn

Left Todo

  1. Fix Voip
  2. Find the command or keybinding for radar script,
  3. Naturally i believe this list will organically grow as myself and hopefully other members of the community find things that they want implementing or need fixing.

We want to add only simple scripts and allow players the ability to roleplay as anything they want, there needs to be some give and take and we are still a prodominently serious roleplay server but at the end of the day the point of running a public server is to allow the public somewhere to roleplay. Feel free to join the server at  or it would be great to have new members, you can join the Discord @

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