Luxart Vehicle Control

Luxart Vehicle Control – Non ELS Lights and Sirens

Introducing Non-Els lights and sirens with Luxart Vehicle Control

To ensure that all lights and sirens are synchronized across the players on the server, I have decided to move away from the ELS lighting system ensuring there is never anything to patch or update on the client side for users.

on our server you will still have full lights and sirens provided by luxart vehicle control with other features like horn control, hazard and indicator light control also Indicator’s automatically disengaging after a short delay (like really indicators). This move has also come to allow less pressure on your client and our server. Feel free to voice your opinions on this change in the comment section below what ever they may be Good or Bad, and as always any suggestions are appreciated

  • Right indicator: = Right Arrow (Next Custom Radio Track)
  • Left indicator: – Left Arrow (Previous Custom Radio Track)
  • Toggle emergency lights: Q or Y (Text Chat Team)
  • Airhorn: E (Horn)
  • Toggle siren: <, (Previous Radio Station)
  • Manual siren / Change siren tone: >. (Next Radio Station)

all features now fully implemented but if you have any issues leave a comment

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