New Community Roleplay Server Development

CopsRp.Com is Developing a brand new community roleplay server and you can be a part of it

Are you wanting to join a roleplay community?
Do you have a lot to offer and would like some appreciation?
Sick of trolls ruining your fun?
Want to help build a better server for yourself and others?
Trying to maintain realism but nobody else is?

At CopsRp we are dedicated to our community and would like to grow it further. And with your help we can.
All we ask from our members is that they follow the simple rules and try their best.
If you are an experienced roleplay or completely new to the roleplay scene then you are still welcome.
If you think that you would like to be part of a community that cares about its members and strives to be the best improving at all times then you are in the right place.
With a quick and easy application process and little only Lambda to install you can be Roleplaying sooner than you think.
The server is currently in the beta phase but with lot’s of simple and easy to use scripts implemented already its easy to get going.

the rules and controls can be found when loading into the server so that everybody can be aware what is expected of them. Anybody not following these rules can and will be kicked or banned entirely at the admins discretion. We are always looking to improve the server so any suggestion and any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

comments can be left at the bottom of all posts that are on our news page so that if you have any issues, suggestions need help or would just like to say hi feel free to do it there.
So for the best roleplay experience you know you can count on CopsRp.


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