New Custom Ultra Realistic CAD/MDT System Development

CAD/MDT Development

Here at we strive for realism and in that vein our Dev Team Led by Lead Developer Samuel Cardillo has been working hard to develop the most realistic web based CAD/MDT System possible, based on real life CAD/MDT systems used by real life LEO’s in the field the system will be not only be fully functional with all the functions that a real life LEO will rely on, the new system will look like it does on the desktops of the LEO’s computer.

The system is currently in alpha status with access by the Dev Team. Further progress will be posted about first on the patreon page. Early access to the private beta will first be granted to Diamond Patrons followed 2 days later by all other patrons and supporters, up on completion of the beta in which time we hope to iron out any bugs and further refine the system. if you’d like to become a patron to support the community and help projects like this you can become a patron here:

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