Now Supporting EMS With Our New Rambulance

Now Supporting EMS With Our New Rambulance

We are now supporting EMS with our new ambulance The Rambulance
Now I have all the scripts i am looking to implement for now working its Time for A New Vehicle.
Introducing the Rambulance for paramedics and Ems.
This sweet new Ambulance based off a Dodge Ram has 4 liveries as shown in the picture above,

  • Livery #1 Los Santos Fire Department Paramedic (Red and White)
  • Livery #2 CRP EMTs Ambulance Service (White and Blue)
  • Livery #3 San Andreas EMS (Mostly White)
  • Livery #4 Blaine County Volunteer Fire Department Paramedics (Yellow)

With working luxart lights, sirens and indicators. It replaces the old ambulance so is easy to spawn and use.
So if you need an ambulance for any of your roleplay needs our new Rambulance can be there for you and hopefully so can a paramedic.


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