Server Resources

Server Resources Help Page

The City of Los Santos Is proud to Announce this Server Resource Help Page, On this page you will find links to all the resources available to you at not all these things are server specific so there maybe something useful even if you do not play on the CopsRP, FivePD Roleplay Community Server.

Server News

Find out about what is going on in the CopsRP Roleplay Community Server, and in FiveM, FivePD and the GTAV Roleplay Community in general

Server Controls

Find Out what the Server Keybind and commands are here on this nice handy page also a good reference even if you play on other FiveM/FivePD Servers

NPD – National Police Database Public Access

Here You Can Access the Nation Police Database from whereever you maybe and see arrest reports and more though the Intergrated FivePD CAD/Dispatch System


These are a page i have included for none specific FiveM downloads these are not specific to the CopsRP server and are no longer required to play on the server as everything is streamed server side.