The Timey Times Issue 2

The Timey Times Issue 2

Todays Top Storys

Major Changes at the top!

Today there was a announcement today from the new Commissioner of the SAHP V.Skepp informing us that he has now taken charge and appointed Tim Master as his Assistant Commissioner of the SAHP.

The commissioner informed Timey Times that after a lengthy investigation by internal affairs it was found that the former Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner where embezzling department funds for their own gains, they had been found to have bought expensive houses, cars, boats and other goods as well as hiding large amounts of funds and drugs taken from the evidence locker and storing it in safes under their desks in hidden compartments.

V.Skepp and Tim Master informed us that they will be taking this opportunity to restructure the SAHP and bring it forward into the future of Law enforcement, they also added how excited they are to be doing this work but pointed out there is a lot of work to be done and Tim is also still working on lose ends at his previous post and this may still be on going so progress may take a little time.

There have been a few small changes two of which are new FTO’s and promotions have been put in place as well as a fresh new sign for the building.

Assistant Commissioner Takes down Hit Woman

Today The New Assistant Commissioner Tim Master of the SAHP in a joint sting with officers from the LSCS saved the life if a LSCS Officer after she received notice that a hit was put out on her.
Assistant Commissioner Tim Master quickly meet up with the Officer at a safe house where they staged a sting on the hit Woman Quiet Tixji and her accomplice.
With the help of 4 officers including the Female officer they waited out the hit woman and Tim Master bravely took down both suspects as they entered the building. Unfortunately one officer was killed by the Tixji’s accomplice as he was keeping cover informing the officers and the trooper what was happening outside. In a statement from the Assistant Commissioner he said
” It is a great thing we saved the life of the Officer with the hit on her head taking out two dangerous suspects it is still regrettable that a officer lost his life and i will be visiting their family to offer my heart felt condolences and explain how brave he was giving his life for another, as for my part it is all in the line of duty i did nothing special!”

To the right is the database entry of all the crimes committed by the hit Woman, all these crimes where committed in 24 hours that day, the identity of the accomplice has still yet to be released. Read Issue 1 of The Time Times Here,

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