The Timey Times Issue 3

The Timey Times Issue 3

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Division X Member captured, Questioned and EXECUTED.

In the news to day a Division X member was caught by a local sheriff, when he was brought in for questioning he entered a plea bargain for the safety of him and his family.

The unknown member of Division X was taken to a unknown location and a statement was taken and a bargain cut for the safety of him and his family, as the picture below that was taken by a photographer shows the informant was shot as he was about to be airlifted to safety,

A statement from the local law enforcement said ” The informant gave us some very good intel on the Division X and Mr Winston, It is a huge disappointment that he was taken out so early  in us trying to get him to safety and just goes to show how important it is to bring down this Division X and Mr Winston, it is believed that the sniper that took out the informant was a member of Division X but a full investigation is under way into this matter.


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