Timey Times Issue 1

The Timey Times Issue 1

Todays Top Storys

Multi Car Explosion

Today there was a multi car explosion in harmony, the incident started as a police chase and arrest in a joint SAHP and LSCS arrest. The unfortunate incident happened when a car lost control and ploughed in to the traffic stop setting over 20 cars alight and causing all but one to explode. All the people at the scene lost their life’s Including 5 LSCS officers. A group funeral for the officers will be held at the end of the week. A spokesman for the LSCS said to a Timey Times Reporter,

“It is a tragic lost for the department and all the officers will be missed by me and their fellow brothers and sisters in the department not only for who they are but the skills they brought to the Team”

Waddle INC Murders are on the increase!

A statement from the LSCS today confirmed the latest murders in the county have been linked to the famous gang Waddle INC, the rate of these murders has been slowly increasing in numbers as the LSCS have been finding it hard to even get a lead on this troublesome group of penguins lead by the infamous MR. Penguin.

The LSCS advise citizens to stay in at night and not to make any unnecessary trips out alone, Issue 2 Of Timey Times Here,