CopsRP FiveM Community Roleplay Server – Update Blog – Skills “The Rise of You”

CopsRp 3.0
This is Just a small blog informing you of all the recent updates and what is currently live on the server right now, more things have since been added but i am still in the process of ducmenting it all but i will kepp the blog updated as much as possible

Went Live 29/05/2022
🧬 SKILLS – The main update is a skill system with exp, levels and perks you gain experience through performing many tasks from your job roles to hobbies e.g fishing and hunting, Press [7] to Open your skill tree
🦌 Hunting – There is now 2 hunting spots 1 Legal. 1 illegal and a shop to get supplies simply bait a trap or found an animal in these area and it can be skinned with a knife for loot
πŸ”₯ Fire/EMS – A fleet of fire and ems vehicles (*More to come on this)
🩺 Brother Varry – No Longer Die on the streets alone if no EMS is Available Brother Barry will save you
β›½ Refueling Nozzles – you can now fill your car with a dangely refilling nozzle for extra realism but be careful go to far while holding it and the pump will expolde.
🚚 Fuel Delivery Job – This is a side job no need to give up you day job
πŸ’² Money Laundry – Added MLO and system for money laundering

Server Optimization and small updates
Went Live 30/05/2022
πŸ’Ύ Added more ram to server – hopefully increasing server performance
πŸ•Ί Names above head now gone (still shows a small speaker image when speaking)
🎣 Back Items – Selected items will now display on your back (Weapons, Dirt money, bags) any other suggestions feel free to add to πŸ“Œserver-suggestions in discord
πŸ”‘ CarKey fob – press 0 to activate can be bound to any key in fivem keybindings
πŸ””Level Sound – Changed the Level-up sound to a simple bell/chime
πŸ› Bug Fixes – Usual Bug fixes and optimizations also Changed some XP/Payout rates for jobs/activities

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