Welcome To CopsRP

This is a quick help guide to help you get started on the CopsRP Public Roleplay Server

you’ll see you have spawned in the city hall you probably have spoken to one of the lovely people at the counter and the have already given you your tablet you can use it at any time to check the penal code controls or check this guide.

We should first create a character this is who you are going to be in the server if you press f1 you will be greated with a menu go to player related options

select MP Ped customization so we can create a Unique Character

the select whether you would like to cerate a male or female character

you will then be greated with a complicated looking menu with lots of options try to make your character just look like a normal realistic civilian

once you are happy with your character you can cave them and name them

meet derick dirt with just a couple of minutes of patience and tweaking you can use the 1,000’s of gta online customisation to look however you would like, once you have done that save your character and name them

You should set your character as a default character so whenever you connect to the server you will spawn as that character.